Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Major Project: Parasite - Concept Art

So here we go... My final University major! I'm very excited to be starting this! My project will consist of three parts: my female character, her period environment (but more on those later :P), and this, my crash site.

The story is this: an alien spaceship is attacked by a parasitic creature in space and is driven by the creature into the Earth's atmosphere, crashing into the Egyptian desert. Pyramids are ruined, and the creature begins breeding into, and infecting the environment. How this is going to be conveyed in my final show reel... Isn't something I'm at liberty to divulge at the moment. For now, enjoy these concept images from the project:

Not bad for my first ever attempts at 'proper' concept art, I hope! Anyway, this project is actually still at the very first stages of design, so nothing is decided yet. My character, however, is almost done, and I will hopefully be in a position to upload some lovely artwork of her next week, as long as I can stick to my schedule.
Please comment and let me know what you think about these images. Any constructive advice would be greatly appreciated!

NOTE: All brushes used can be found here:


  1. love it ,keep up the good work. stephen connell

  2. i am i the early process of creating a science
    fiction animation would like to keep in contact with you on exchange of ideas if that's okay?

    Stephen Connell

  3. Yeah sure!
    (sorry for the late reply, didn't notice :P)
    I shall e-mail you now!