Sunday, 4 October 2009

Back To School

Long time no update... I've been quite busy the last few weeks. A lot of pieces I had planned I couldn't do because I don't have the time :P Still... I've tried to stay arty and keep practising everything and anything I can think of to pass the time. Here we go!

Notice the distinct lack of CG work? I thought it would be better to practise some traditional art while I have the time to, as opposed to uni where I have to do CG non stop. I'm pretty happy with those pieces (the wonder woman is a bit 'meh' but whatever, it's all practice). The cube one isn't great either, but I modelled it in z brush and it mixes pretty well with the 2d elements of the picture. Speaking of z brush... That program is amazing! It makes modelling sooo much easier, unlike Maya, which I've been trying to learn for the last few months, and never ceases to confuse and anger me at every possible opportunity... I'm actually starting to miss 3DS Max... At least that did what it said on the box and yielded fairly satisfactory result after 2 years of learning! But anyway... I've been back at uni for a week now and am loving it! Here's a preview of my first project... Enjoy!

Coming Soon: Who knows? Hopefully something good XD

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