Sunday, 5 July 2009

Digital Paintings

I've been pretty bored over the last few days, so I felt inclined to come up with a few paintings to keep myself entertained. The first offering is this lovely mermaid, who is heavily modelled after Megan Fox.

I am very happy with this one, but I realised I was trying to be too realistic, so I started looking at some impressionistic paintings to inspire myself for the next piece.

I was happy with this one too, but I felt it was a bit too subtle and not realistic or colourful enough...I guess some people can never be pleased.

(I recommend you click the next picture to view it in full; the preview here only shows 1 of 3 panels)

The third one was just right. It also served a purpose; a kind of 'conceptual storyboard' for one of my ideas for a project next year. It is reminiscent of my 'old' style of traditional painting, back when I was working on animals and country scenes, which I like, because it brings into play some texture and atmospheric colour that a lot of super-shiny, technical digital pieces lack. I'm not ready to throw all my paintbrushes in the bin yet...but I'm starting to like my graphics tablet a bit more.

Coming soon: Art Retrospective and... some overdue animation!


  1. The story of the last one is simple.

    The birds represent communism and the gun represents democracy.


  2. Well done Laura, you get a cookie
    Time to silence some more free-thinkers...