Saturday, 30 January 2010

Time is the Thief

Gaga study
Pencil, A4

Procrastination verbthe act of procrastinating; putting off or delaying or defering an action to a later time.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Choo Choo!

I like making characters :D

Because I picked feature art, I was able to make proper hair! Awesome huh? Needs a bit of work but I must admit, maya had me impressed! THE most important thing to me about making characters is keeping their 'charm'. I don't know what it is exactly, but it's just a little something they all have in my drawings, but it's hard to keep it in the CG model... Anyway, it's all in the face and eyes, which is where I like to spend most of my time. She's in the 'dead' stage at the moment, her eyes are greyed and her skin isn't coloured yet so it's hard to tell what's gonna happen, but I have a feeling it will all come together!
I wanted her to have a stylised look (something like 'Bolt' or 'Cloudy'). In fact, I managed to get ahold of the source code for Disney's proprietary texturing software... But it's unuseable!!!! Hurry up programmers!

Some Z brush caps for the geeks to scrutinise. I've been sculpting for 1 day, so don't be too harsh, but advice would be welcome :)
(before you point out the breasts... She's wearing a corset duh!)

So yeah, it's 9:30PM, and I refuse to do more work today...

Saturday, 16 January 2010


Digital with wacom

Not one of my usual subject matters but hey, it's nice to draw something different once in a while :)

On a different note; it you're reading this, you may be aware of the recent earthquakes in Haiti and the tragedy befalling the people there. They are amongst the poorest people in the world, and many of them have lost everything they have... Which wasn't a lot to begin with. If you can afford to help, please do.
(I am a poor student... If I can afford to donate something I'm sure you all can too :)

Remember kids! There are no winners in war, only losers.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Major Relief!

Good news; my major Pre-production is due in tomorrow... And I'm finished! Hurrah! Bad news... I made this for the ImagineFX cover competition... A day late :( I wonder if I can hand it in for the next one? I suppose  the extra time would allow me to improve it, at least. You know what they say... 'When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!'

'Save me'

Now... Back to watching my peers stress out for tomorrow. Mwuhahahahahaha!!!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


This is so totally random, but whatever!

I'm sorry... I had to!

I'd like to point out I actually really enjoyed this movie! If you haven't seen it, do so now! Anyways, imagine how much more brutal and horrific it would be if, instead of aliens, our fearless mercenaries were forced to inhabit the bodies of chavs! Too dreadful to visualise, I'm sure...

On a personal note, my super week of stress hit it's peak today... My grandfather's funeral actually turned out to be a lot easier than I expected. The heavy snow in this area will make it difficult to organise the next few days, but hopefully my uni deadline will be pushed back... Hopefully! I guess I should just keep working and hope for the best :) Either way I can't laze around... As granddad was known to say, 'That won't do' :) Ahh, I will miss the old man.