Saturday, 3 April 2010

My precious...

Oliver loves his shiny tin foil :)

Advice and suggestions please?


  1. Got some nice things going on this model. Though there are two things that stand out to me; the inner mouth area and the neck plate. The inner mouth does not seem as realistic as the area around the eyes. You got some nice scaly things there, just seems just you need to think a little more carefully about how the teeth integrates into the mouth, and whether the mouth actually needs to be that red of a colour for a fish like character.
    The bubbles on the neck plate seems to be out of place. They are decorative, but they need be solidified by some function or texture.

  2. Thanks Toke!
    I completely agree about the mouth... Time to research more fish I think...
    As for the bubbles on her neck... They're meant to be a warning display... Never really thought about the placement. Will have a play around with heir positioning tomorrow... Maybe try making them red so it's a bit clearer. Thanks again!