Friday, 2 April 2010

I went to see 'How to Train your Dragon ' tonight. I was hoping it would give me some inspiration/motivation, but as usual, it fell flat on it's Dreamworks face and failed, despite being a perfectly enjoyable movie.
I LOVED the main dragon... It's design and animation was totally spot on, and the sceness where it interacted with the main character, Hiccup, were beautiful... Shame that this wasn't capitalised on. Still... It's worth at least 2 Shreks.

I love seeing my babies come to life :D

This needs  a  LOT of work... But I've FINALLY started it, which is something... Plus, I will actually have time to work on it over the next week, after having bitten my nails all week in work experience (which was AMAZING by the way) worrying about it...

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