Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Watch out kids, this one has lots of words! (Oh no!)

So... My major project is coming along nicely...

If you think her hand is impressive, take a look at her rack!

As you can see, I'm onto texturing. I'm quite happy at the moment, though I feel very behind! I'm also at that horrible 'self-doubting' stage of any project, where you start to wonder if the whole thing was even a good idea (everyone else gets those...right?) I wanted her finished this weekend but there is so much left to do... 
As always some constructive criticism (or friendly support) would be awesome!

I realise how boring my work is, and if you're still reading, then thanks! But today I actually did something interesting: I had a face to face interview with Merlin Crossingham, the new Creative Director of Wallace and Gromit! After only a few hours of rushedly learning interview techniques yesterday I threw myself into it! Of course, he was really easy to talk to and the whole thing went very well... I'm very very grateful to have had the opportunity!
I wish I could post some proper quotes and make an article of it, but I need to keep it under wraps for my dissertation. Needless to say though, it was totally enlightening, and I now feel very motivated! It's always great when you can talk to someone you aspire to, especially when everything they say solidifies your beliefs.

P.S, I had a 1st for my Lion-O project! I was truly astounded, and very grateful (and I didn't even have to use the Youtube video complete with soundtrack!) :D



  1. Nice hands there. Dont know about the face, and the size of her cheek area... but always hard to decide on a womans face with no hair, so maybe post a pic with the hair on?

  2. Yeh nice hands Ol. I agree with toke, and remember eyes are always in the centre of our heads so theres equal space to the top of head and the bottom of the chin, this will help a lot. The top of 'the rack' :D looks cool but they seperate too soon at the bottom, bring the rack together to form a longer cleavage and then the taper you have should come a bit further down and should be a tad smaller. aim for a more rounder boob, check out
    The collar bones look sweet and a good choice of skin tone! Keep it up butt!

  3. lol Boobs.

    Looking good Ol, those textures are really helping it come to life! I agree that the shape of the face is off but I guess it depends how stylised you want it. The upper 3/4 of the face dont match the size and shape of the chin and mouth. Maybe scale the cheeks.etc down and go for nice even features.